13th Annual Euromed Academy of Business (ΕΜΑΒ) Conference
Journal of Intellectual Capital Special Issue workshop:

Investigating Multi-Level Sociological, Psychological, and
Management Challenges in the Context of Intellectual
Capital from and within Emerging Markets

JIC Special Issue Paper Development Workshop

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

September 16-18, 2020

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Link to the conference website: http://emrbi2020.com/


Submission Deadline: March 31, 2020

The Journal of Intellectual Capital (JIC) Special Issue Paper Development Workshop (PDW) will be held in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, as part of the conference program for the Euromed Academy of Business (ΕΜΑΒ) annual Conference meetings. The JIC PDW is organized by Dr. Vijay Pereira (JIC Special Guest Issue Editor) and Prof. Glenn Muschert (JIC Special Issue Guest Editor).

The purpose of the PDW is to develop research questions and investigate these from a list of macro, meso and micro sociological, psychological and managerial challenges in the context of intellectual capital (IC) from and within emerging markets. While we hope that many of these papers will eventually be submitted to the JIC Special Issue, the purpose of the PDW is broader: to investigate the multi-level (macro, meso, micro) sociological, psychological, and managerial challenges regarding intellectual capital from and within the context of emerging markets. We invite original papers from scholars whose papers examine one or more levels of intellectual capital dynamics within these business studies and social science disciplines. In particular, we hope to attract papers from scholars who are developing papers investigating intellectual capital in emerging markets for the first time (although not mandatory).

The PDW is open to all conference participants. It will be structured to provide extensive feedback to authors whose research papers have been accepted by the workshop organizers and to educate conference participants on how to effectively communicate rigorous and cutting-edge research about the topic. The program will have four components. First, a 30-minutes introductory session led by Dr.

Vijay Pereira will introduce to participants and conference audience the Journal and the JIC Special Issue Workshop, and address various topics relevant to the manuscript review process for authors seeking to publish a high-impact paper in JIC or other outlets in the business field. Second, a 120-minute seminar session will explore the process and the various components of a well-executed paper for the topic. Third, during a 125-minute (depending on the number of submitted and accepted papers to the PDW) session, the author(s) of each participating paper will offer a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute discussion with the Conference Chairs. The main focus will be on how to improve the papers discussed, so as to increase the probability of them been accepted for publication in the JIC SI. The workshop and presentation will take place on Wednesday September 16th 2020.

Only a limited number of manuscripts will be accepted for the PDW. Participants will be invited based on the quality and potential intellectual contribution of their submitted work. Papers should be submitted through the 13th Euromed Academy of Business Conference Submission System located at http://emrbi2020.com/submissions/ and indicate in their title manuscript submission the following reference ID: JIC-PDW. Following successful online submission you should also send your manuscript by email to vijay.pereira@ku.ac.ae and glenn.muschert@ku.ac.ae. Please note that each applicant should submit only one paper or abstract.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2020. Submitted abstracts should be no more than 3 A4 pages in length, whereas papers must be less than 9,000 words.

Please note that authors will need to register for the 13th Euromed Academy of Business Conference in order to participate in the JIC PDW. Attending the conference and/or submitting a manuscript to JIC for publication consideration in the special issue are independent activities; authors are welcome to engage in one or both of these activities.

Please address questions to: Dr. Vijay Pereira (vijay.pereira@ku.ac.ae) and/or Prof. Glenn Muschert (glenn.muschert@ku.ac.ae).

Dr. Vijay Pereira

Associate Professor of Business and Management

Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Special Issue Supervising Guest Editor, Journal of Intellectual Capital

Dr. Glenn Muschert

Professor of Sociology

Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Special Issue Guest Editor, Journal of Intellectual Capital